Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Lions
August 20, 2017 04:19 AM | Randy Lange
Selected quotes from the Jets' and Lions' locker rooms in Ford Field following the Jets' 16-6 road loss Saturday night:

Head coach Todd Bowles on his evaluation of QB Christian Hackenberg's play...
"He really didn't get a chance. It's not a fair evaluation of the kid because he didn't get a chance on the couple of pass plays we had and there was a lot of pressure on him."

Bowles on if Hackenberg gets a pass for this game...
"No, he doesn't get a pass. I'm not saying that was not all his fault, but you have to throw the ball and get rid of it as well, and the offense as a whole, we didn't start out well with the first group on. We've got to play better. That's him, that's the O-line, the receivers, the tight end, the fullback, and the tailback."

Bowles on Bryce Petty's play at QB in the second half...
"Well, he moved the ball, but again, we didn't score any points. So when you don't score any points, then you can't win ballgames. But he had some good throws and some good plays here and there."

Bowles on if it's a reasonable assumption that Josh McCown will be his opening-day starter...
"Not at this point."

QB Christian Hackenberg on when he found out that he would be starting vs. Detroit...
"Coach Bowles informed all of us on Friday morning. So I was ready to go. It was just another opportunity, in my opinion. I'm just taking it one day at a time. You can't really look into things too much. I'm just trying to take advantage of every opportunity I get."

Hackenberg on the positives he can draw from this game...
"Overall, it was a good learning experience. You see a team and they're professionals over there, too, and they did a great job game-planning us based upon what we did on tape last week. We were able to make some halftime adjustments. I thought Bryce did a great job doing that and executing those, so a lot of credit to our coaching staff and that unit."

QB Bryce Petty on his development in his third year with the Jets...
"That's what I've wanted to see from myself in year three. Certain things that I'm seeing now that I didn't see as a rookie, didn't see last year. You've got to love that as a quarterback to get into those situations and if the play doesn't work out, we'll make it work. When you have that trust from the offensive coordinator, the quarterbacks coach and the head coach, that goes a long way."

Petty on any discouragement about seeing limited reps in training camp...
"I think it's been tough times, but, one, my faith, I know there's a plan and a purpose for everything. That's something that's been rooted in me a long time. And also having a guy like Josh , who's been in every situation you can possibly be in, and his constant encouragement. You've got to take it on yourself to be a better quarterback today than yesterday."

DL Sheldon Richardson on the Jets' first defense vs. the Lions...
"We got on the quarterback a little bit better this game. Yeah, he made some plays, that's what Matt Stafford does, but other than that really, you know, guys get beat. They made their plays and we didn't. That's pretty much it in a nutshell."

Lions HC Jim Caldwell on his offensive line vs. the Jets' front this week and the Patriots next week...
"Yeah, even this week, I knew it would be a really good challenge for the offensive line because they have a real good front, the Jets do, big, physical guys up front. Next week is going to give us another opportunity to see where we are and obviously, perennially they've been maybe the best team in the league. So that'll be a great test for us. We're looking forward to that."

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